The Success Secret

What Happy, Successful Leaders Never Tell You

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Hi, I’m Andrew Kolikoff

I’m best described as a Servant Leader, with a storied career that has taken me around the world – from the largest companies to the smallest, from non-profits to the most entrepreneurial adventures.

What will you learn from this book:

How you can be both successful and happy!

Dreams perhaps are one of the most sacred things every human has baked in them. Somehow though, society has taught us to relinquish our dreams as we mature into adulthood.


How to use the game of Poker as a metaphor to this incredible opportunity called “life” and its pursuit of happiness, fulfillment, success, and abundance.


The diving order for both happiness and success.

The Self Realization Formula

How to find your true self, become extraordinarily committed to that authentic self, and align that authentic self to who we are and how we be.

And so much more!

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