Business Retreats

Business Retreats

Imagine a business retreat facilitated by a true expert where:

  • Attendees are truly engages and enlightened
  • A safe environment is created for honest sharing, open communication, and team building
  • Clarity is achieved for every objective in focus

You need a facilitator that:

Andrew Kolikoff leading a business retreat
  • Knows how to steer and deliver a dynamic and functional co-created agenda, plan and approach,
  • Has the experience to address non-agenda but important (in the moment) subjects,
  • Who listens NOT to respond but to simply understand,
  • Who knows how to resolve disputes and create alignment,
  • Who has a wonderful sense of humor and knows how to lighten things up when appropriate,
  • Who has the experience as both, a small and large business owner.


Lotus Wong

Andrew is absolutely brilliant. He is one of those once-in-a-lifetime people you get to work with who when you walk into his office, everything you thought you knew dissolves and everything you learn and leave with makes you feel enlightened, unstoppable and like you've seen the future.

Andrew's story is one of legends and it amazes me how grounded he has stayed throughout his journey. He's seen it all (well almost) and has lived to tell the tale, which is what makes his guidance and his work so invaluable. If you work with, hire or meet him in any capacity you will be beyond happy you did.

Carlos Wilson

Andrew’s story and mission inspire a giving mindset. Recently, he was kind enough to give an impromptu presentation to a team of my colleagues. It was a masterful speaking engagement that moved many in the room to thoughtful introspection and greater empathy which will no doubt have a positive affect on their personal and professional careers for years to come.

Silvia Hernandes, MBA/PHR/SHRM-CP

Here is an individual who makes a difference in people's lives. Andrew is really into HOPE (help one person each) day! His purpose of being a servant is real, from the heart and beautiful. Definitely an influencer, an engaging communicator who builds and nurtures strong, trust-based relationships while developing long lasting connections. I love the way Andrew connects with others, goes above and beyond to make you feel special. It is an honor to know you Andrew. And you already made a difference in my life!

Dee Barlow

Linkedin was a great resource for us to meet Andrew. We sought him out for a business speaker and mentor for our growing construction business. We invited him to be our speaker at our year end company awards dinner. Andrew was great! He was personable, approachable and interactive with our company employees and then gave the guest presentation at the banquet. His public speaking and topic approach was dynamic and interesting. It was a great time and we highly recommend Andrew for public speaking and mentor based executive training.

Mark Geretti, CPA

I have had the incredible privilege to work with Andrew. And actually, in hindsight, it was his natural inclination to help and serve me that really brought us together for a first meeting. You see, Andrew’s nature is to understand who we are and where we want to go. I was pleasantly surprised when Andrew asked me, “If you had a magic lamp, what wish would be dearest to your Heart.” And eventually, I got it! You see it was then and only then Andrew could fulfill his calling and begin to set a course for helping me achieve my purpose. And it is not that any one person or event is my salvation, but Andrew helped me to turn over stones I had yet to discover. And in the process, gain clarity, peace of mind and ultimately success. For all of us that want to understand who we are and where we are going, Andrew’s visionary, perceptive and caring nature is a Gift we don’t want to pass up!

Gerry Lamanski

Andrew completely amazed me. He was charming, eager to learn about my project, and very professional. He agreed to meet me for an hour to learn about and advise me on a license deal I have for a new CPG product. I have been consulting various so-called experts on B2B licensing of our IP. Everyone I met before Andrew suggested the same strict business model that wasn't clicking with my new strategic partners. Andrew gave me something completely different, refreshing, and unexpected--he laid out the foundation for a new strategy focusing on my personal strengths. In short, he shocked me. I cannot over emphasize the importance of his breakthrough approach. He is a rare breed of entrepreneur, an outstanding thought leader, and business savvy. His advice was tactful, spot on, and more importantly worked. Andrew sees the big picture and he has the synergy to plug you and your organization right in to where you need to be.

Morgan Lulu

Believe any hype you hear about this amazing man. As a start-up entrepreneur, he has helped cultivate the highly innovative perspectives one most critically needs to operate successfully in today's environment. His enthusiasm is contagious and highly flammable-use his expertise appropriately to ignite your own internal flame for achievable success. I would highly recommend Andrew and hope to use his services continuously as my business desires grow.

Gerhard Kratzer

When I met Andrew for the first time, we immediate;y connected, because our lives' philosophy is routed in the same principle: growing professionally and personally by servicing others.

Andrew is a Giving Coach in the most authentic meaning possible. He teaches you to help others by helping yourself through generating results and elevating happiness. In other words, Andrew develops your self-fulfillment through being In-Service to others.

I highly recommend Andrew to everyone who strives for personal and professional success through generating personal and professional success for others.

Renee Wierz

Andrew is a truly inspiring individual. He is very intricate and thought out in his actions and words which makes him a very powerful individual and great asset in many walks of life. As a mentor/consultant he brings new light on thinking about things and a diverse way to approach situations. His happiness is infectious and great to have around as the entire room lights up. As a teach of a program "The Entrepreneur Within" he inspired many with excellent talks and great speakers. I can not say enough about what an outstanding person Andrew is and he will make a lasting impression on anyone that crosses his path!

Diane Hibbs

Andrew is an amazing outside-the-box thinker. He is dedicated, charismatic, tenacious and he will find the solution needed to reach the goal. If you're looking for innovative ways to move your business forward, you owe it to yourself to connect with Andrew!