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About Kolikoff

Make It Rain New Clients
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Why We Make It Rain


Passion. We have a passion for serving people.

We have a passion for growth – of both people and businesses.

We have a passion for making it rain, so you can enjoy more happiness, fulfillment and prosperity in your life, while you too are in service to others.

The most important thing to know about Kolikoff is that our focus is on YOU.

How We Make It Rain


Our how is profound simplicity.

We work 1-on-1, with a deep commitment to each and every person (even when we’re working with groups of people!).

We work with each person where they are in this moment … and accelerate getting them to where they want to be.

Because when we work with you it isn’t about Kolikoff, it really, really, really is all about YOU.

What We Do to Make Rain


Our highly specialized Coaching Programs are designed to make you a Rainmaker. 80% of our work is on your Mindset:

  • Your Thoughts
  • Your Feelings
  • Your Attitudes
  • Your Values
  • Your Goals
  • Your Strategies and
  • Your Self-Image

We also work with you on the 20% – the essential Knowledge and Skills you need to Make It Rain New Clients.

Who We Serve

We work with Professionals who need to Make It Rain for their firms:



Business Brokers

Business Coaches

Business Consultants, such as Fractional CEO’s, COO’s, CFO’s, CMO’s and CTO’s

Financial Advisors

Other Professional Services Providers


Meet Our Principals

Andrew Kolikoff

Principal and Chief Relationship Officer

Former chief science officer, 3-time successful business owner (once landing him on the front page of USA Today), author, adjunct professor, coach and consultant now helping lead the charge in one of Arizona’s fastest growing tech companies. Mentored over 500 business owners and professionals.

Bill Merrow

Principal and Chief Marketing Officer

Marketing, sales and business development “guru” specializing in making it rain revenue and profits. Built and managed 40,000 person sales force for American Express and subsequently reinvented marketing program to generate $500,000,000 in revenue, doubling the business in 18 months.

Integrated sales teams for seven companies to cross-sell multiple product lines for General Electric, trained over 1,000 business owners to implement a system of accountability, developed over 300 business, marketing and sales plans and served as Chief Marketing Officer for dozens of businesses worldwide.

Bill earned a BA in accounting from Ottawa University in 1983 and an MA in Behavioral Science from JFK University in 1995. He is a Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst and a Certified Content Marketing Specialist. Bill lives in Mesa, Arizona with his wife since 1974, Susie, and his zombie Mother, Carol. He is also blessed to have his daughter Angela and grandchildren, Andrew and Madison, nearby.

As the resident Behavioral Scientist, what you need to know about Kolikoff and Company is everything we do is really, really, really all about you and making it rain new clients for you and your business.