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Right about now, as we are all just beginning to attend the millions of family and company holiday parties and events this holiday season, it occurred to me… we all commonly bring with us plenty of cheer, good will, warm wishes and are often readily espousing such to all that we come in contact with. And while I absolutely love this time of year and everything it stands for (including our collectively cheery and festive moods), I am choosing to meditate more this this year on the depth and complexity of our feelings (more than just our moods) – how we are all truly feeling on the inside after the party is over and we go home to our routine lives.
For many, this time of year is quite difficult. We reflect on days and holidays gone past. Some of us, missing loved ones who have passed… some others missing loved ones who have not! Many of us (deep down inside) are hurting over some family matter, some financial matter, perhaps even some event that has deeply hurt us by someone close to us. For others, there is great discomfort and many mixed feelings during the time spent with family. Indeed… it is good times for some, difficult times for others.
My wish this holiday season is this…
…for all of us to ask ourselves, what do I want from my life, my relationships, my career or company? While I know many of you genuinely espouse wishes of happiness, health and prosperity to all those you come in contact with at all the parties, events and gatherings you are (and will be) soon attending, what are you doing about your own personal happiness, health and prosperity? What are you doing to make everything in your life better?

“Life will take charge of you if you don’t take charge of it!”

Let’s all to take better charge of our lives, of our relationships, of our health and of our careers. My ultimate wish therefore, is for us all to find someone who can help us accomplish this. Perhaps a coach… a mentor… someone whom we can share our dreams and our goals with. A special someone who also of course can keep us accountable to them. (It is a statistical proven fact by the way that when a goal (whether person or professional) is established, then shared and finally accountability applied, the chances of achieving that or any goal is doubled!).
We all need each other. We all depend on each other. As we all head into yet another new year I would like for us all to think deeply about what we want in our lives and how committed we are to have it all FIND US… for ourselves and for the greater good of our community.
Make the one investment many of you never have and… INVEST IN YOURSELVES!
If you do when starting out this new year, perhaps your holiday season next year will be happy, healthy and prosperous on the outside… and also on the inside too!
Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!
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