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Communication Tools

Rainmakers know that facts tell, but stories sell.

Rainmakers know how to tell a good story.

  • They know how to create complex characters
  • They know how to develop the plot of their story
  • They know how to build to and through an emotional arc
  • They know how to involve and engage their audience in the story
  • They know how to use all of their talents in telling the story

People stop, listen and remember stories, while facts fall away in seconds.

Communication through stories is one of the most powerful Rainmaker tools.

What stories are you telling to make it rain new clients?

Email Marketing Tools

Email Marketing is one of the most powerful Rainmaker tools. A Rainmaker would never SPAM and values each and every email communication.

Rainmakers know that people are busy and inundated with email. They know how easy it is to get lost in a person’s inbox and to never be found again.

Rainmakers take their time to craft every email.

  • They work on their subject line.
  • They personalize every email with the person’s first name.
  • They write short sentences that are easy to skim and scan.
  • They focus on one topic and convey the benefits of exploring it.
  • They have a clear call to action as the single next step to take
  • They close with a message of gratitude and appreciation
  • They always include a P.S. because they know it will be read

Rainmakers are not just effective in email marketing, but also efficient. They craft carefully designed email series that take people through a process that attracts, engages and converts.

Rainmakers make it rain new clients with email marketing.

How is your email marketing making it rain new clients?

Social Selling Tools

Rainmakers know that making it rain new clients is social, whether they are meeting someone in person or interacting online.

They know that every encounter is a moment of truth. They always have a Rainmaker Mindset. They know their Rainmaker Strategies. They bring all of their Rainmaker Skills. Then they use the right Rainmaker Tools for the situation.

Rainmakers utilize social media to connect, but also to develop relationships. They know it’s easy to push the connect button and harder to create real relationships, but they do the hard work anyhow.

Remember, a Rainmaker’s first purpose is to be of service, so they approach every encounter with that mindset – to learn how they can serve the other person.¬†Rainmakers make it rain new clients using all of their social selling tools.

What social selling tools do you need to utilize to make it rain new clients?

Essential CRM Tools

Rainmakers have great memories. They remember the people they meet and easily recall names, faces and places.

But they don’t trust their memories. They maintain their essential Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system as one of their most valuable Rainmaker Tools.

There are a wide range of CRM systems available to manage your relationships, ranging from free to very expensive. The system you choose matters far less than choosing to use it, each and every day.

Your CRM system will prove to be of little value if you don’t keep it current with information. Every time you capture a piece of information about a relationship, you need to record it in your CRM.

You also need to use your CRM to capture and manage every communication you send and receive. Don’t trust your memory to recall when you last interacted with someone – let your CRM do the work!

Rainmakers use their CRM to make it rain new clients.

How’s your CRM working to make it rain for you?