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Rainmaker Marketing

Make Your Marketing Rain New Clients


Marketing is everything you do to attract, engage, convert and retain a client.

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Discover Your Niche

Rainmaker Marketing helps you narrow your focus and carve out your niche so you become the dominant force in your market.

Web Presence Creation

We design, develop and maintain your web presence so your business attracts, engages, converts and retains more clients.

Email Marketing

Rainmaker Marketing build both series and broadcast email campaigns that pull prospects through your sales funnel and makes it rain new clients.


Refine Your Message

We transform your messaging to convey the benefits you provide your clients rather than focusing on features, advantages and platitudes.


Endless Content Marketing

Rainmaker Marketing works with you to create the content that will make it rain new suspects and convert them to prospects and clients.

Offline (Traditional) Marketing

We help you create any traditional marketing you need, from brochures to sales letters to online and offline advertising and more!

Identify Client Personas

Rainmaker Marketing uncovers the unique buyer profiles of your prospective clients and identifies why they buy and why they don’t.

Search Engine Marketing

We take on the Google behemoth and optimize your website for the right keywords to expand your site’s authority.

Marketing Plan Execution

Rainmaker Marketing stays on top of your marketing plan to ensure we are executing together and making needed adjustments to achieve your goals.

Marketing Blueprint Creation

We architect marketing plans that enable your business to make it rain more clients, more sales and more profits to achieve your goals.

Social Media Marketing

Rainmaker Marketing pushes your content out through your social media channels and drives engagement for volume, velocity, variety & veracity.

Analyze and Improve

We measure your vital factors of marketing performance, continuously analyzing and improving to achieve your goals.