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Our Rainmaker Consulting Services are designed to assist your business in Planning to make it rain new clients:

  • We start by examining the past for vital historical insights about your business
  • Next, we look at your current strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  • We then design your future together, including your goals and resource requirements
  • Developing your strategies for achieving your goals is the next critical step in the planning process
  • Finally, we create a system of accountability with key due dates and responsibilities



Measuring performance and taking appropriate actions demands a fine balance of organizational style and disciplined process.

  • Ensure every team member knows the organization’s quantifiable goals as well as their own
  • Develop systems to measure the critical success factors and key performance indicators
  • Compare performance vs. plan on a regular basis – at least monthly. (weekly for Rainmaking teams)
  • Investigate the variations in performance to discover the cause and remedies
  • Take the appropriate actions to achieve individual and organizational goals

Rainmaker Consulting will help you make it rain a culture of accountability.



What resources are required to achieve your goals? People, Money, Material, Equipment, Facilities, Technology? How about time?

What resources are available? Where will you access the resources you need? Is internal or external best?

What’s your structure? How will you eliminate bottlenecks and remove obstacles and constraints?

What are your business principles, policies, processes and procedures?

Rainmaker Consulting helps you get organized to make it rain new clients.



Communication is often the greatest challenge inside organizations, as well as outside with both clients and prospective clients.

  • We all need to do a better job of preparing to communicate by thinking before speaking.
  • When sending our messages, we need to consider the receiver. How will they see or hear it?
  • As receivers of messages, we need to understand the feelings as well as the facts from the sender.
  • Did our communication work? We could all do better by evaluating and reflecting on our communications.
  • When communication is failing, we need to take action to fix it. We won’t get better without action.

We help your organization improve communications and make it rain productivity, performance and profits.



Rainmaker Consulting Services assists you in selecting and developing the right people in every area of your business:

  • Align your staffing needs to your business goals
  • Attracting the right people in your recruiting initiatives
  • Selecting “A” players who make it rain in every area of your business
  • Creating training and development programs to grow their skills
  • Implementing processes to ensure you retain the best people, including performance reviews and compensation plans

Your people should be the greatest asset of your business. Make it rain by attracting, developing and retaining the best.



How do you inspire others to achieve your business and personal goals?

  • It starts with accepting your role as a confident leader and clear communication of your values
  • Leaders promote the value of others by developing trust and expecting excellence
  • Continuous learning is critical for every business. Rainmaker Leaders create a culture of learning and innovation.
  • Teamwork is essential to making it rain by involving people and creating a shared commitment to goals
  • Rainmaker Leaders energize the visions and celebrate individual and team accomplishments

Rainmaker Consulting helps you create leaders who make it rain throughout your organization.