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Adopt a Rainmaker Mindset

Inside-Out Transformation

Start With Why

Most know what they do. Some know how. But few discover why they do what they do.

Rainmakers start with why – and find the journey begins with a service mindset.

Know Your Rainmaker Self

How do you impact the people you serve? Your success lives in understanding others.

But you can’t get them until you master yourself. Rainmaker – know thyself.

Barriers to Success

Who stops you from realizing all of your dreams? You don’t have to look far.

If your answer is only you – who can remove all of those barriers, Rainmaker?

Unleash Your Personal Power

20% of success is skills and knowledge. 80% is your thoughts, feelings, attitudes, values, goals, strategies and self-image.

Is your ladder leaning on the wrong wall?

Start With Why

Most people know what they do. Some are able to communicate how.

But the best Rainmakers – and companies – start with why.

Set aside 18 minutes and hear Simon Sinek explain the concept of the golden circle.

Where does a Rainmaker discover their why? It all begins with a Rainmaker mindset of service.

Why do you bring what you do and how you do it to everyone you meet? The paradox is it’s not all about you; it’s all about them and why you serve.

You find your why not in looking ahead at what you want to achieve and figuring out an appropriate strategy to get there. It isn’t born out of market research, customer interviews or employee surveys.

Your why comes from looking in the opposite direction from where you are now.

Finding your why is a process of discovery, not invention.

Know Your Rainmaker Self

How might you describe your approach to the world?

  • Know people and get along
  • Be in charge and get results
  • Do what is right and be helpful
  • Be reasonable and make sure things are right

Of course each of us is more complex than a few words or a label. But understanding our own approach to the world is the starting point in understanding how others approach the world.

Most people play to the strengths of their own game. But a Rainmaker mindset demands you play to the other person’s game.

It’s your time to serve.


Barriers to Success

It’s far from the only barrier to making it rain new clients, but let’s cut to the chase and deal with the biggest barrier of all – FEAR.

Yeah, yeah, yeah … we have nothing to fear but fear itself. Great slogan.

But look around – why do so many fear rejection? Now look further – why do so many fear success?

Our desire to be accepted is hard coded into our DNA. You’re not going to change the human condition.

But you can transcend it with a Rainmaker mindset. You can feel your fears and do it anyhow.

All Rainmakers do … and so can you.

Unleash Your Personal Power

What is the focus of most training and development?

It’s focused on developing your skills and knowledge.

But only 20% of your rainmaking success is technical – your skills and knowledge.

80% is your rainmaking success is psychological:

  • Your Thoughts
  • Your Feelings
  • Your Attitudes
  • Your Values
  • Your Goals
  • Your Strategies
  • Your Self-Image

You can unleash your rainmaking power by leaning your development ladder on the right wall.

Start developing your rainmaker mindset today.