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Rainmaker Development

We’ll recruit, train, motivate and manage Rainmakers and your sales process to make it rain new clients for your business.

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You Need to Make It Rain New Clients for Your Business. But You Know You Aren’t The One to Fill That Role.

I’m Bill Merrow

I have built and managed a 40,000 person sales force for American Express and subsequently reinvented marketing programs to generate $500,000,000 in revenue, doubling the business in 18 months.

I have integrated sales teams for seven companies to cross-sell multiple product lines for General Electric, trained over 1,000 business owners to implement a system of accountability, developed over 300 business, marketing and sales plans and served as Chief Marketing Officer for dozens of businesses worldwide.

When it comes to creating, developing and managing Rainmakers, I’ve developed a special set of skills over the past three-plus decades that could benefit your firm.

If Rainmakers were dogs, they would do whatever we told them to do. They would sit, roll over, come and go with every command. But then they wouldn’t be Rainmakers, would they? They would just be sales dogs.

Managing Rainmakers is a lot like herding cats.

  • You’ll wonder why they spend so much time on the phone and at the coffee shop.
  • You’ll be frustrated by how poorly they complete their paperwork and expense reports.
  • But when properly herded, you’ll love when they bring in the big clients and the big deals.

What we do is ensure you have the right Rainmakers on your team and that they are directed to make it rain new clients for your business.

Do You Need Rainmaker Management?

How will you define the job of making it rain for your business?

How will you compensate your Rainmakers?

How will you recruit your Rainmakers?

How will you select the right Rainmakers?

How will you train and develop your Rainmakers?

How will you optimize your marketing and sales processes?

How will you motivate them daily to do what must be done?

How will you manage their performance and take corrective action?


Recruiting Rainmakers

Where do you start recruiting Rainmakers?

Your work begins in your office, where we define the precise job specifications and expectations of your Rainmakers. Next, we develop compensation plans that allow Rainmakers to succeed and deliver the results your business needs.

Now we’re ready to start recruiting with clear expectations of who we’re looking for and what we have to offer. We’ll most likely be inundated with applications and will need to find the Rainmaker needles in the sales dog haystacks.

The selection process is rigorous with assessments, a series of interviews and background checks to ensure we offer your opportunity to the right people to join your team.

Training Rainmakers

What does your sales training program look like today? Our sales training program is the accumulation of over 35 years of experience training over 100,000 sales people.

How do we train and develop rainmakers? With a never ending process that works on their knowledge and skills every week – but more importantly, works on their thoughts, feelings, beliefs, attitudes, values, goals, strategies and self-image every day.

Sales training delivered as an event just doesn’t work. Sales training as a never ending process demands discipline and consistent attention to preparation and continuous improvement.

It’s the only way to make it rain new clients for your business.


Marketing and Selling Processes

How many ways does your business attract interest? How do you engage them in your products and services? What do you do to convert them from prospects to clients?

Marketing and Sales cannot function and independent functions. The are interdependent and most work together at every step of the process to optimize your sales results.

Rainmakers know that they cannot achieve their goals with strong marketing support and know that marketing can’t do its part without the special skills of Rainmakers.

What we do is design marketing and sales processes for your business that allow that essential synergy to occur.

Motivating Rainmakers

What motivates a Rainmaker?

Yes, money is important. But all you can do is given them the opportunity to achieve their financial goals with the right compensation plan.

What really motivates Rainmakers is the challenge and opportunity to win the game. Each and every prospect is a new challenge. They know they won’t win every game, but they are driven to win each and every time.

Like all people, they need encouragement and recognition. They need support when they’ve met resistance. They also occasionally need a kick in the pants when they start avoiding doing the essentials.

We work with Rainmaker cats every day with where they are at that moment. We show them that they are valued and give them the support they need to push or pull them up. Even when we have to lace up our boots.

Managing Rainmakers

Even with Rainmakers, you simply cannot assume that they will do what you expect.

You have to develop systems and controls and establish the key performance indicators that lead to success.

Next, you have to measure performance to ensure those standards are being met. When they are, you recognize and applaud. When they aren’t, corrective action is necessary to get back on track.

We implement accountability systems with every Rainmaker to ensure your Rainmakers are doing what it takes to deliver your desired results.

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