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Is This You?

screen-shot-2016-02-10-at-1-13-31-pmYou’re ready.  Ready to take it to the next level.  You’re tired of climbing the same wall every day; sounding like everybody else.  You, your career or your business is hovering in mediocrity.  You’re making money, some of you are doing quite well but you’re still not satisfied.  “Others” think both “You” and “It” are a success but, you feel like “It” is stuck, not growing or scaling in the way you had envisioned or hoped.

What is bothering you most is that you, your business, your career is relatively average and you know it.  It hurts to even think about it.  However, when you do, deep down you feel inside you that you still have hope.  You haven’t yet given up.  You still believe that you are not.  Average that is.  You dream of greatness; dream of realizing this grander image of you.
You have spoken to some privately about this, that you desire more, greater, better.  You see so much more for you, your career, your business than where it has presently stood for some time now.  You even sought the advice from many who have theoretically been where you are now and who have broken through and taken the giant leap forward.  They tore down their wall and achieved greatness.
You listened to their story… their solutions.  You were inspired.  Re-invigorated.  You re-committed yourself.  And now you believe, you expect the shift to happen.  You’re doing everything right.  You know it.  They even told you you are.  But…nothing.  Still mediocrity.
Frustration occasionally bubbles up and you sometimes are taking it out on the people you love the most.  It is hurting them and you.  Damaging your relationships.  Your world is shrinking again.  Yet, you still believe.  You still haven’t totally given up.  But, you are back to square one, feeling just… average.

Could It Be…

Again, you made the changes, you shifted – incorporated some of their advice – but yet, you are still hovering in mediocrity.  You have tried many times, over and over again.  You met with even more successful people.  Perhaps even studied them.  Read their books.  Yet, no matter how hard you have tired, no matter how much you have changed, average still dominates your life and its outcomes.
Something happens one day (Phew!… it is about time!)… you realize that what apparently worked for them will not work for you and, that it likely never will.  You suddenly realize that you need to find your own answers, create your own story.
But, that yet again brings you back to square one.  You ask yourself, “how do I find my own voice?”  “Where do I find those answers/solutions within me?”  “How do I create my own story?”
In my never ending pursuit therefore to transform average living people all over the world to live more self realized, happy, financially abundant and fulfilled lives, the time has come for me to pass on some wisdom;, the fruits of my labor, critical knowledge and understandings in the form of a FREE blog series.
Keep in mind, much of what you will read and learn in the weeks and months ahead will likely be material you have never read nor studied before.  And the reason why I believe this to be the case is because I bet that most of you have invested almost all of your time in life learning about IT, your career(s) (never mind all the time we all spend seeking to be entertained).  The fact remains, too many of us spend too little time learning about ourselves.
outliers-book-imageWhy should you do this – learn more about you?  Because your career, your business will only ever be as good as you are. And as good as you are is only as good as ‘it” will ever get. They are inextricably connected.  Yet, as I said before, much of your entire focus in your life has been on everything outside of yourself.  After all, the societies of this world teaches us only to focus on it. To get training or an education for it.  To get some experience with it. To learn yet even more about it recreationally in the books we read and the supplemental educational opportunities we engage in.   Then, very commonly, we shift our focus to perhaps working harder in it.  Focusing even further on it.  Many of us seek to raise money for it. Obtain technology for it. Find talented people for it.
Our sages and the wisest among us however, say the answer you seek lies within.  Assuming this to be true (and I believe it to be so), then perhaps your inability to access the wisdom that lives inside of you is what has relegated you to average-ness.  Perhaps it is YOU not knowing yourself well enough that is holding you back.
It stands to reason therefore, the greater one commits to knowing oneself, the great answers to pervasive problems become seen, found and resolved.


A New Beginning?

The information provided in this blog series therefore is what we have noticed over the years are the most common personal attributes, habits and activities that are practiced by the happiest, most successful people in life and in business.  We’ve learned this not just by mentoring and working with successful people.  I’ve learned this because my life became wonderfully, beautifully entangled with them – the entrepreneurs.  Dinners together when they were up (happy/thrilled/celebrating).  A beer or cocktail perhaps when they were down (dejected from recent failure or defeat).  A wedding. A surprise birthday party.  Too many hospital visits.  A bake sale.  A ball game.  A camping trip.  The list goes on and on.  The point is, I not have only put my whole self into this thing I called mentoring, I put my whole self into YOU!  Each and every one of you.  As a result, I have built incredible relationships with so many incredible human beings.  I have learned while I listened.  I have grown by helping you grow.
So now my life’s work, my investment and the wisdom I gained is for you.  May you enjoy it and grow from it.  May your life be as fulfilling as mine has.  May your true joy be in your journey and not the destination. May you ultimately rise above Average and become, truly remarkable.

Lesson #1 Know And Practice Your Fundamentals

I would venture to say that you don’t even know what your fundamentals are!  John Wooden (perhaps the most famous coach of all time – he led the UCLA Bruins to 10 NCAA Basketball Championships) used to, on his very first day of practice each year, schedule all his players to be dressed to play and meet on the basketball court.  On that day he would intentionally leave many basketballs lying around so that when they arrived, they would obviously be inclined to pick up a ball and shoot around.  Well, as you would expect, that is what they did.  Every year he would walk onto the court with many of them doing just that, shooting around.  He would greet them and have them sit around him at half court in a circle.  He would then sit down, take off his sneakers and socks and asked them to do the same.  He would then have them all put on their socks again… then again their sneakers.  Puzzled and confused by the exercise, the players would always ask… “why are we doing this coach?”  John Wooden said, “we today and over the course of the next few days and weeks are going to focus on the fundamentals.  The most basic, fundamental part of being a great basketball player is knowing how to simply put your socks and sneakers on.  A player without blisters and sores is a player who has the potential to be the best they can be.”  Now that is as fundamental as fundamental gets!  
So now, what are your personal fundamentals?  What are the most basic things you can focus on to create personal success?  Notice how I said personal fundamentals.  For success to find you more easily on the outside you need to improve what goes on and what you do for you inside.  And, when we go inside, the one thing we wish to identify and nurture are our signature character strengths.  These inner strengths are precisely that which will help us succeed in all that we do.  They become our fundamentals… what we incorporate in to ourselves as individuals, focus on daily and further incorporate into all we do.
For those who wish to discover or perhaps simply validate that which they already know, click this —> Link —  This will take you to a website that will suggest you take a free exam.  The results of that exam will reveal (with reasonable accuracy) what your personal signature strengths are. And, once you know what they are, then you can begin to determine what your life/living fundamentals can and should be.  So, click that link, take that test.  I did it and it validated most of what I already knew.  But, more importantly, I have fully incorporated them into my life and how I live it.  They have become my fundamentals… that which serves me and empowers me.  I have incorporated them into how I lead, manage and nurture my own desires and dreams.
So, when life gives you lemons… yes, you make lemonade.  But, how you do that (and actually get it done) is by knowing who you are and because you have practiced your fundamentals.  If you do, you will see that they will serve you well in good times and in bad.  They will help you be the great leader you are about to become.  A leader where success will not only find you, but consistently find you more than most.
If you desire to identify and practice your own fundamentals be prepared, you will have to practice them regularly.  And, what better way to help you practice than to purchase a copy of Andrew’s e-book (below).  Meanwhile, to continue following our blogs, simply enter your email address where it says “blog feed” on the top right of the blog page.


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