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Makes sense doesn’t it?  If you are not practicing something then what are you getting good at?
Wait!  What was that?  I just heard a voice in your head say something.  Did you hear it too?

If I am not mistaken, I think I heard the word “nothing”.  Yes, your mind just said “nothing”.  That means you apparently already knew the answer.  Odd… how did that happen?  How did I know your mind would say that?  More importantly, how is it that you already knew that if you are not practicing something you are NOT getting good at anything?
Answer: While many of you may think the question was a rhetorical one or even perhaps a set up, I would beg to differ.  I believe you, we… already know this.  We have known this.  We all have had the answer in fact baked into us.  The answer to greatness.  Becoming great.  Being great.  We all know how to do it.  We all possess this inner wisdom.  And, we all do because we are all creatures of habit.
Habits are interesting things.  If you really think about it…habits are not only the essence of who we are but are also great indicators of who we will very likely become.

Our habits are not only the essence of who we are but are great indicators of who we will very likely become.

People who have great habits commonly become great.  People who have terrible habits usually allow those habits to relegate their lives to mediocrity or even worse… disaster.
Interestingly however, our habits are chosen, not imposed upon us.  Habits large and small are choices large and small.
Think about your day from the moment you wake up in the morning till the time you leave the house… almost everything you do every day is a choice, a habitual choice.  Also, think about your habitual thoughts – the thoughts that spring into your head daily, regularly.  “I am a failure.”  “I am uncomfortable.”  I need to lose weight.”  “I need a better job.”  Most of us never think about this… our habitual thoughts.  Never mind how those habitual thoughts influence our choices – large and small.
If you were to examine every large and small habitual thought, every habitual action what you will likely encounter is the reason, the answer why you aren’t where you want to be and why you are not surrounded with the people, things you so desire.
What you will discover from examining yourself (your habits) more carefully is that many of them are shall we say, not positive or contributing to enhancing your physical, mental and spiritual growth.  But, worry not!  For many of you, you can leave those disempowering habits right where they are… embedded and intertwined within you.  The trick, or real key to getting what you want is by adding one, new, big or small, positive, empowering practice into your life.  
Yes, you heard me right… focus NOT on what is wrong.  Instead, focus on creating one new right.  If you do, and if you can make it a daily practice, the likelihood of that practice becoming a habit is greatly increased.  If that practice then becomes a habit (incorporated and embedded within you) then the likelihood of adding another new, positive, empowering daily habit is also increased.  And, as you begin to add more and more even little daily, positive, empowering practices… the bad ones I promise you will begin to simply just fall off of you.  They will almost magically stop on their own… become eradicated from you internal and external existence.  Don’t believe me?  Give it a try.  Find one small, new, empowering habit that you believe will help you become fitter, healthier, attain more knowledge, freedom, wealth… render you perhaps better than all the rest.  Practice it.  Practice it with passion.  Practice it with joy.  Soon, that practice will evolve into a habit and that habit into a positive, perhaps even great outcome.  Then once a habit, begin to add another and another.  If you do, over time, what you will discover is that the bad ones that were consuming the predominance of your habitual thoughts will no longer.  And, since they are diminished in your mind, they will then leap… simply fall off of you!
And, speaking of great, if it is greatness that you truly desire, know this… every great person who is or was truly great started from adding one, new, positive thing and practiced it daily.  They practiced till it became habit.  Then after building momentum and gaining tremendous confidence in themselves (from adding more and more small, but empowering habits – and the bad ones, one by one “falling off”) they then then zeroed in on adding the one, new BIG thing… the one thing that they desired to make their craft – what they want their life to be about.  Their one central focus and daily practice.  So central they even create new, small, daily practices and habits that support their one BIG one.  Progressively further, these great people begin to find themselves living their lives in complete dedication and focus to their one BIG thing… their beautiful habit and passion.  They find themselves falling in love with their practice… so much so, they can’t imagine their lives doing anything else, practicing anything else.  In fact, if you were to ask any person who was great at anything they would tell you that they were never actually in control of their habitually great outcomes that made them great… only their daily, habitual, incremental practices toward it.  They would tell you that all they are is the joy of their life’s practice.
Let it be known that if this is what greatness is and how we become it then maybe greatness is not for everyone.  Even if we all inherently know how to become great, true greatness is a choice and way of life.  So, for those of you who are not yet ready for such responsibility, to live with such singular focus (yet with such fulfillment), simply practice become good first.  Learn how practice something you care about.  Something that is good for you and this world.  Watch how that daily practice becomes habit.  Build on that.  Find your way and let practice be the path to accomplishment and fulfillment.
If you desire to learn how to live a self realized, or self actualized life like most great people, I assure you, you will need to practice.  Practice regularly in fact.  And, what better way to get started practicing than to purchase a copy of Andrew’s e-book (below).  Meanwhile, to continue following our blogs, simply enter your email address where it says “blog feed” on the top right of the blog page.
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