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Fractional Rainmaker

We’ll make it rain new clients for your business as your Fractional Rainmaker Executive.

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What is a Fractional Rainmaker?

As I often say, one of the BIG things we are supposed to figure out in this lifetime is … what is our true gift… our gift from God?

Once we become aware of this light that exists within ourselves (which is not so obvious for many of us who are seeking to find it), the next hurdle is … will we have the courage to follow that gift?

Interestingly, I have lived this life. I genuinely have had the courage to follow this gift. I completely reinvented myself as a former Chief Science Officer, University Adjunct Professor turned gifted relationship and business developer.

Ultimately, I went into business for myself for the first time in May of 2003. At that time I offered my services (really myself – a piece of myself) for a few companies that I felt that I could significantly impact.

In essence, I became a Fractionalized Business Developer … and not just any ordinary business developer, a Rainmaker who focused on giving.

Giving not just for myself, but for my clients and for those I came in contact with. I gave relentlessly. I found ways to creatively impact the lives of everyone around me. I landed more huge deals for more clients that I can even talk about.

So then, let me ask you … are you intrigued by this rainmaking method and how it can bring horses to water for you and your business? How this method could elevate not just your company and your people, but also the lives of others and the community at large? Does this method dovetail perfectly with the culture of your company?

Take a look at my recommendations in Linkedin … see what I have done for others. Why not speak with me directly? Ask me how I can impact your business and your bottom line. You have nothing to lose but the possibility of making it rain.

Why Would You Want One?

You don’t have the time to make it rain for your business.

You don’t have the desire to become the Rainmaker for your business.

You don’t know where to find or how to select a Rainmaker.

You don’t know how to train a Rainmaker.

You don’t want to worry about motivating a Rainmaker.

You don’t want anything to do with managing a Rainmaker.

You really don’t know how to create an effective end-to-end sales process.

Most importantly, you need it to rain – often – for your business!

Endless Prospecting

When is your prospecting work done? If your answer is never, you have a good sense of the nature of this work.

Unfortunately, far too many sales people believe they can “take a break” from prospecting during the good times and turn up the burners when times are tough.  It’s the main reason they face so many tough times.

As a business owner, it is a challenge to be the Rainmaker when you are also the business owner. You are clearly the most qualified and passionate spokesperson for your business.

You have other things to do. You need to serve your clients and customers. You need to manage your people. You need to work on your marketing. You need to manage your finances.

But, someone still needs to make it rain. Someone needs to always be prospecting. As your Fractional Rainmaker, that’s what we do. Because we understand prospecting work is endless.

Relationship Development

Quick Quiz: Are your best relationships built on what you take from the relationship or what you give to the relationship?

Now step back and think about the work of most business development people. Are they givers – or are they takers?

What you’ll see is the difference between those who succeed and those that fail in making it rain new clients and customers.

As your Fractional Rainmaker, we’ll start every relationship by discovering what we can give to the relationship. Then we’ll give some more. As your prospective clients get to know us, they’ll come to like us and eventually trust us.

It’s the foundation of every relationship we develop for your business and the key to winning more clients, more often.

Helping People Buy

Would you rather have someone sell you something or would you rather have someone help you buy?

When we’re the customer, the answer is easy. When we’re the seller, why do we think our customer wants to be treated differently? They don’t, of course!

How do we help people buy rather than sell them? We start by earning their trust. We ask questions. We listen.

We provide information about our products and services that they need. We answer their questions. We address their concerns. We resolve their conditions.

We make offers based on a deep understanding of their needs and how our solutions fill those needs.

We do all that with the intention to help them through the buying process. It’s how you want to be treated and it’s how your prospective clients deserve to be treated too!

Gaining Commitment

If you’ve read the paragraphs above, you could conclude that our approach is soft.

It’s all about the relationship. It’s all about helping people buy. Does anyone ever actually commit to becoming a customer?

Our answer is that there is a toughness in the soft skills that we’ve developed over decades of making it rain.

We know we need to ask trial closing questions. We know we need to ask for the order. We know we need to handle objections. We know we need to close the deal, get the contract, sign the client.

Our approach is to do the hard stuff to enhance and expand the relationship, never to “close” it.

It’s the key to getting the first sale and many more sales and referrals in the future. Because once we are mutually committed to a relationship, buying becomes easy and selling is no longer necessary.

Refilling the Funnel

Who are the best sources of referrals to your business? It’s your existing clients and customers, of course, assuming you have delivered a great product or service.

Far too many businesses fail to leverage their client relationships. Why? Are they afraid to ask because they could lose a customer? Do they ask too soon?

The key is to be willing to hear what you can do better. When you reach out to your existing clients, you start the conversation regarding your relationship with them.

You find out how you are doing. You find out what you can do better. You commit to make those improvements.

Now you’ve reinforced the trust where you have the right to ask for recommendations and referrals. You’ve made it “all about them” before you ask them to do something for you.

That’s how you develop raving fans and refill your funnel. As your Fractional Rainmaker, that’s one of the many things we’ll do to make it rain new clients for your business.

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