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You know your bad habits.  You sometimes interrupt people when they’re speaking.  You eat too fast.  You work long hours and don’t work hard enough on YOU.  You lose focus when you get stressed.  You don’t listen sometimes when you know you should be listening.  Even worse, you smoke!  

Whatever your bad habits are, you need to write them all down, every single one!  You also need to identify all those behaviors that you know take you off track… Surfing the apps in your phone. Skimming Groupon for great deals.  Surfing Facebook.  Scoping those you follow in Twitter.  Interrupting people when they speak.  Whatever they are, you need to write them down as well.  You need to be crystal clear on what they are.  And, to better identify both, you should ask three people whom you feel know you very well what they think your bad habits are.  Don’t just rely on your own reality… leverage the Whole truth.  REAL reality.  Get the full picture.  Once you have that, compare and then prioritize them.  Then, take one small baby step.  Start with an easy one and make a 100% commitment to eradicate it from your life and very existence!  Once you are successfully able to eliminate one, the others get easier.  So, just please remember… baby steps.  Oh, and remember… ALL SUCCESSFUL LEADERS DO THIS!  Why aren’t you?
So to recap…

5 Steps To Eliminate Bad Habits

  1. Write down all your bad habits.
  2. Ask those close to you personally and professionally what they think your bad habits are.
  3. Compare 1. and 2.  See which ones are the same and take notice of those you missed.
  4. List all bad habits from easiest to eliminate to hardest.
  5. Eliminate the first bad habit.  Be sure that this newly eliminated bad habit is habitually eliminated.  In other words, it is no longer a struggle nor a part of you.  When achieved (no longer a struggle for you), tackle the next on the list.

5 Steps To Eliminate Habitual Behaviors That Take You Off Track

  1. Take notice of your poor habitual behaviors. 
  2. Write down all those behaviors that take you off track.
  3. Make this list a living list meaning, check the list each week.
  4. Add some new items as you notice them about yourself and your behavior.
  5. Remove others items that you have effectively eliminated or greatly diminished.  Rinse and repeat.
If you desire to eliminate bad habits and behaviors that take you off track, I assure you it will be something will need to practice.  Practice regularly in fact.  And, what better way to get started practicing than sign up for Andrew’s Hour Of Power.  See what so many others are saying about it go to the “What They Are Saying” tab above.
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