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You understand the difference between a 99% commitment vs. a 100% commitment.  But, do you understand the difference between a 100% commitment and a 100% commitment?  Oh, you say there is no difference?  Well, if you read on, you are about to find out and likely agree with us that there is a world of a difference and that this is the difference between incremental growth (personally or professionally) and breakthrough.
Many of us (when truly determined) cognitively make 100% commitments.  Yes, that’s right… 100%.  However, what you are about to find out is that incredibly successful individuals have a different type of 100% than some of yours.  Here’s what we mean… let’s use a diet (specifically pizza) as a metaphor.
Remember the last time you went on a diet?  You felt some struggle at some (or even many) points… yes?  At some moments you even probably fantasized about your favorite food (in this case pizza), that which you have been denying yourself all this long.  And, while you may have reached your goal, let’s say 20 pounds, you had at least a few difficult moments.  Normal right?  WRONG!  Well, yes normal but, not for a truly committed and transformed person.  Not for a successful person.  Incredibly successful people… their 100% commitments are different… different than most others 100%.  Why or How is that you ask?  Because while you both don’t eat the pizza (both 100% committed) the difference between most of us and those who are truly successful is… those who are consistently successful do not !  Their decision to not eat pizza becomes a part of them.  Down to how they breathe.  Like it’s in their DNA.  Their commitment is so much a part of them it is in their proverbial bloodstream.  And because of it, they don’t experience struggle, EVER!  There is almost a serenity.  A peace that resonates within them because they have incorporated this new act, this new way of being.  It is now them.  Who they are and how they be.
This almost spiritually elevated level of 100% is the focal point, from where profound progress and breakthrough begins.  A special place within ourselves that attractively pulls our outer world dreams to us.  A place where we begin to create true alignment – aligning our inner world (thoughts and feelings) with our outer world (words and actions).  And, when we master specifically these types of 100% commitments – true incorporation – this is where true attraction begins.
Now, I often write about this place.  Speak about this place.  Coach others on how to get to this place.  And, I call my work on this subject and practice, Breakthrough Dynamics.
So listen here… the most successful people, leaders deeply understand what commitment means.  That it is the true, organic incorporation of it, into you.  Some of us start out at 100%.  It’s the newness and excitement of it all.  However, at some point we struggle… or maybe there is always some level of struggle.  Some of us, when the excitement wears off and more of the struggle sets in, we shift down to 99%.  When we shift down to 99% we start experiencing more and more struggle.  The more the struggle, the more the down-shifting.  And, the more the down-shifting… something terrible then likely happens… we quit.
Those that are the best of the best could never allow the shift down to 99% to even happen.  They practice finding joy in its incorporation.  They develop ways to revel in it.  So much so that the reveling becomes habitual.  They are perpetually developing new habits to secure the incorporation of the commitment and in so doing, are building better, new habits on top of better, new habits.  True reinforcement.
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