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Knowing Thyself: One Step Deeper

What Our Sages Say

Are you a leader or person who is driven to reach your goals? Find happiness and success?  Live your dream? Socrates said the greatest answers to your greatest challenges come from simply “knowing thyself.” The Dalai Llama tells us that true happiness and success comes from within. The Buddha said that wealth first begins in the mind.
If these wise sages have all spoken and taught the truth then it would stand to reason that the better we know ourselves, the better the chances of finding both happiness and success. Sadly however, most of us don’t know ourselves nearly as much as the happiest most successful people know themselves. People we read about. Leaders we admire, emulate ourselves after and learn from. In fact, most of us don’t know ourselves very well at all… and the successful people you admire know it!
So now it’s time to take the dive. To elevate your awareness of YOU. And, to do so, let us first start with this most basic understanding of ourselves.

Macro Level of Knowing Thyself

Here is where many of us share a similar reality of what it means to know thyself. Most of us comprehend and define knowing ourselves by who we believe we are and what we want to be (or to happen to us) in the next 2, 5 next 10 years.
What we want to do with our lives,
Where we want to go to college,
What we want to be – an architect, engineer or construction professional
How certain things make us feel,
What makes you happy, sad, feeling great and feeling mad,
What idea we want to spread,
A firm we want to build,
The type of people we want to work with us and in our firms,
The family we want to create, and,
The difference we want to make.

Micro Level of Knowing Thyself

Most of us however, have a lesser idea (some, even no idea) of who we are on the Micro or mundane level… within moment to moment.
Why your habitual thoughts are what they are,
Why you habitually react the way you do in specific situations,
Why your habitual actions are what they are,
Why habitual outcomes happen to you they way they do,
Why you feel the way you do in every aspect of yourself,
Why you have formulated the opinions of others in the fashion you have,
Why you’re both attracted to and repelled from those things you are, and,
Why you believe what you believe.
Did you happen to notice that knowing yourself at the Macro Level is achieved by answering the what and how… and, knowing yourself at the Micro Level is achieved by knowing why? Knowing yourself… really knowing yourself begins when you consistently ask yourself why.
Often, for many, it’s these mundane things we pay little to no attention to. It is the larger more futuristic things we focus on. And, as you guessed it… that takes us out of our now. Our, how to be now. Think now. Take action now. Be the very best we can be, in the moment… every moment.

The Micro Level One Step Deeper

Let’s pretend for a moment. Imagine you are sitting on a park bench on a beautiful day. The sun is shining bright. Nearby is an incredibly beautiful lake with sailboats and windsurfers on it. Everything else around you is simply beautiful. Mature trees and smell of freshly cut grass. You can hear the rustling of the leaves as the wind embraces the trees. The sound of children laughing far off in the distance.
Oh my goodness, talk about relaxing and beautiful. But then something happens. It happens to all of us. You have a thought. And, then that thought generates another. Then another. Now, right now, an emotion gets attached to the last thought. Now, this moment a different thought arises and even a stronger emotion gets attached to that. Now, you can actually feel your heartbeat raise its cadence ever so slightly.
Suddenly though, you let go for some reason. Of the thought. And, there you are, right back in the park… enjoying just the park, the day, the sounds, the smells, all of it. “Oh yeah” you say to yourself. The park. So pretty. So peaceful. Your heart-beat now is back where it was before you allowed your thoughts to be in control of you. Yes, you read that correctly. You, like most people, are subject to your mind and/or your external interruptions and interjections… or, perhaps better said, your mind is often in control of you and how you BE. Unfortunately, the sad reality for most of us, we are not in control of it.
Back to the park and the seat on the bench… did you ever notice that your thoughts commonly follow a pattern? That your emotions attached to those thoughts do the same? Why do you think that is? Did it ever occur to you that you can actually be in control of all this… that you can actually practice being in control of it? Did you know that societies greatest leaders, those who are the happiest and most successful in life and in business not only know this… they practice it! They practicing recognizing these thoughts, patterns and habits. And, while they very much are aware how their thoughts can sometimes get the better of them, they still practice the thoughts they wish to more dominate their mind. They practice new patterns. They practice new internal realities. And in so doing… they create outcomes they intend to create.

Creating The Outcome You Intend To Create

For some, we know we have likely exposed a blind spot. We have elevated your understanding of yourself… or for some… a lack thereof. So now the question is… how do you create the outcome you desire… the outcomes you intend to create? Answer: Practice Knowing Thyself!
Curious how this is done? Well, you guessed it… the answer is, it’s complicated (a story for another article… perhaps our next). But your journey can start now. First commit not to something but to someone. Commit to the idea of knowing you. Knowing thyself. Knowing yourself so well that success has no other choice then to simply find YOU!
If you desire to create the outcome you intend to create I assure you this will be something you will need to work at and practice. Practice regularly in fact.  And, mostly likely, with a mentor or accountability partner.   What better way to get started practicing than sign up for Andrew’s Hour Of Power.  To see what so many others are saying about it go to the “What They Are Saying” tab above.
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