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Are You Happy (Or, Just Telling Yourself That You Are)?

So who are you right now?  
Let’s now take a minute to look at and better digest this Happiness graph (or what I refer to as The Blind Spot because too many of you are not living optimally and don’t even know it).  Who are you right now?  How did you used to be?  Why?  


Quadrant 1 Nihilist:

If this is you, you are both feeling/thinking negative in and about your present as well as about your future.  This I imagine is a pretty depressing state of being.  Considering many of you budding entrepreneurs are likely not living, being in the quadrant, I will move along to the next.  

Quadrant 2  Rat Racer:

Here, you are feeling negative about your present but very positive about your future.  Now, this is very common among most people who have big dreams.  Entrepreneurs, I am speaking to you!  So many of you sacrifice your own now for your dreamy future.  In fact, some of you emotionally live for your future.  As a result, you will do whatever it takes to make that future happen at the expense of your now – which includes, taking care of your health, happiness, well-being, diet, exercise, family, etc.  As such you work long hours (and on weekends).  You have no understanding of small victories nor do you know how to leverage them to build momentum.  You, Mr. or Ms. Rat Racer are feeling your best when something great, something significant happens for your business venture or career but only then.  Let’s face it Rat Racer, you are out of balance and out of touch.  You never, EVER stop to sharpen your saw (this saw sharpening concept is explained below) and, as a result, you are always out of balance!

Quadrant 3 Hedonist:

Here you have a negative feeling about your future but a positive state and feeling about your present.  The hedonist is all about the now with little regard for any ripple effect that their behavior engenders.  This includes any and all outcomes for both themselves and for others.  Hedonists typically treat themselves very well.  In fact, hedonists often over indulge themselves.  Hedonists commonly have nice material things… a hot car, big house, a beautiful boat.  In my experience in working with hundreds of entrepreneurs, this is NOT you.  Entrepreneurs inherently have a dream and a future.  Entrepreneurs typically don’t live much in this quadrant.  Social entrepreneurs especially don’t.

Quadrant 4 Happiness/Confident/Effective:

It is in this quadrant where you are feeling and thinking positive about both your present and your future.  Here obviously is where we want to BE most of the time.  Successful people, successful, happy entrepreneurs have practiced being and keeping themselves here.  They are people in balance and on center.  And, while they know that on any given day the will be knocked off center and perhaps shift to another quadrant, they also are aware they have shifted and have regular, consistent behaviors that take them back; back to center, back to the Happiness Archetype, back to being successful or on track for it.  For some (but few), living in this quadrant is natural.  However, for most it takes practice but, before we learn how to practice, let’s start with the end in mind.
If you desire to be happy now (or at least wish to learn how to life your life more in Quadrant 4)  I assure you it will be something you will need to work at and practice. Practice regularly in fact.  And, mostly likely, with a mentor or accountability partner.   What better way to get started practicing than sign up for Andrew’s Hour Of Power.  To see what so many others are saying about it go to the “What They Are Saying” tab above.
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