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You are a happy, successful entrepreneur, business leader or owner.  You reached the tipping point and are now living your dream.  You therefore inherently know the formula.  You know the one… the formula for living and success.




(Yes, in that order!)


How to better BE is part of the human experience.  How to live with more virtue.  How to BE in touch with ourselves and understand why we DO what we DO.  So that we can DO better.  So that our DOing is better.  This is true for all human BEings not just entrepreneurs or successful small business owners.  Better BEing means better DOing.  And therefore the better we BE the better we DO.  The better we BE the better our habits become.  The better our relationships become.  The better our outcomes become.  The better our lives are become.  Learning how to better BE therefore on of the most important responsibilities we have with ourselves.  After all, we are only in control of ourselves and nothing (or no one) else.  So, if this is our greatest power (simply BEing us), then it would stand to reason that this needs to be our most important job, our greatest responsibility, the place where we need to focus the predominance of our time and energy so that we are constantly striving to BE highest version of ourselves.
Most happy, successful entrepreneurs, business leaders and people know this, whether that be cognitively (overtly) or subliminally (intuitively).  Happy, successful entrepreneurs know that working on them is just as important as working on it – their business and passion.  As such, most happy, successful people have also developed better habits.  Habits that help them better BE.  Habits that I have and will continue to introduce and discuss in this blog series.  Habits that you can try on for size and incorporate into your BEing.   
However, there are other entrepreneurs (more commonly those that are not happy and/or not successful) that have a natural inclination to focus: 
  1. only a little bit on the BEing, 
  2. a whole lotta bit on the DOing, 
  3. and perhaps too much as well on the Having.
And, speaking of Having… so many of us focus on having rather than being or doing.  For so many, it just seems natural.  But, as I am sure you are already aware, you, nor anyone can control outcome; only the BEing and DOing.  It is again first how you BE then DO that really counts.
As I often say, as a parent we have two equally important jobs… one we all know, and that it to unconditionally love our children and give them time.  The other equally important job is to prepare them for life.  However, how we do that is how we live our lives… which, as you now know, is how we BE and DO.  Our children are observing and emulating some of who we are and how we BE.  How we socialize, make friends, solve conflict, deal with embarrassment, shame and so on.  So, for the sake of your progeny (not just your occupational related passions and dreams) we really do need to focus on BEing and DOing.  


As many of us already know, business schools, training and start-up start-up academies, incubators, accelerators, universities and colleges of all types teach you what and how to DO; all the best and latest practices of DOing.  Combine that with our natural tendency as humans to focus on Having (some of us call it dreaming) and Walla… you have a recipe for unhappiness and likely, failure.  
Consider this, doesn’t every entrepreneur (really every human) come equipped with:
  • Preconceived notions (whether they be positive or negative, empowering or disempowering, safe lanes we commonly like to travel in vs. uncomfortable but creative and yes, risky ones)
  • Bad habits
  • Activities that take you off track (e.g., scanning your Facebook app your phone, reading tweets from celebrities, snacking, texting, etc.)
  • Fears of failure, losing your cushion of money and security
  • Worry for finding money (raising funds) to simply operate
  • Concerns of what you know you Don’t know (and probably need to)
  • Blind Spots.  You surely have them.  We all do!
Well guess what?  That person is the very same person running and leading your entrepreneurial venture, your business or just your career.  That same person too is leading your life!  And, it’s that person that brings all this and more INTO the business.  The business therefore very simply becomes a reflection of YOU!
It makes sense therefore that it would likely behoove you to take yourself to BEing school; or, at least a course on how to BE (the best you can be).  Some call this leadership training, some, personal development, others, the school of life.
This blog series is just that first step in learning how to better BE.  How to be a better person, venture, start-up business owner,  leader, manager, and co-worker.  How to elevate who we are as people – fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, siblings, family, congregation and community members, friends, and yes, entrepreneurs!
It stands to reason then, if we can better master us and how we Be, we can improve our chances of more successful outcomes and enjoy the journey more toward them.
So, you don’t have to be born with just the right characteristics or traits to be a great leader.  You don’t have to wait for a certain time.  We all can become great leaders by simply learning how to better BE.  As I often say, great human beings, great leaders or really just ordinary people with an extraordinary commitment.
I know it sounds weird but it is true.  In over 50 years of study, leadership scholars have never identified a specific “great leader” profile.  It doesn’t exist.  It doesn’t exist because as Bill George revealed in his book, True North, “Leadership emerges from your life story and by constantly testing yourself through real world experiences and by reframing your life story to understand who you are.”  Restated, great leaders emerge from perpetually learning how to better BE.  BE more in touch with themselves than most other human BEings are.  BE more authentic with themselves and everything around them.  Have deeper introspection, self-awareness… life awareness.
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