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You want to know the answer don’t you?  What is the single most significant weakness shared by almost every leader?  While I promise of course to give you the answer… before I do that however, I have to hold your hand and help you come to some very important realizations first.
Imagine this… you are the King or Queen.  You desire to commission a composer to write you a new symphony.  You believe you know good music when you hear it and perhaps even know how to play a little.  Unfortunately, your time does not permit you to become a master composer (something that actually might interest you) as you have an country to lead and grow.  In other words, you have many other important responsibilities and decisions to make that preclude you from focusing too much of your time on such matters.  So, as the king or queen you go about choosing a composer that is incredibly talented, experienced and shares your vision and inspiration.  So, like any good Queen you meet with the composer and require for the composer to hear your story, your vision and then translate that to paper and passion.  Your wish for them is to summon upon their gift and vibrance to create his or her next greatest masterpiece.
Now, being the Queen for some time now you know that you ultimately are not in control of what gets written and composed.  In fact, given the composers history of creating incredible, moving performances you realize that what is best for the composer is to give them the faith and trust you have in them to just go do what they do and Create.  And while yes, you will certainly have your personal music advisor monitor how things are progressing and report back to you, ultimately, that confidence you place in them is what most commonly results in magnificence.
Fast forward to you Mr. or Ms. leader and the answer to the question which brought us together today… The single most significant weakness shared by almost every A&E and Construction firm owner and leader is… letting go and knowing that you cannot, should not, MUST not be doing the work that other composers are meant to do.
Think of it this way… what does every medium to large business have that you perhaps don’t?  Answer: Partners, Associates and Executives – Chief Executive Officer, President, Chief Operations Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, etc.  Well, did you ever ask yourself why they have those people around them… and don’t tell me because they can afford to because that would just be an excuse.  You know you can outsource all those roles part-time if you wanted to for a fraction of what they would cost you to hire them full time.  So again, why?  Why don’t too many small business owners surround themselves with such talent and vibrance?  After all, Phil Jackson (perhaps the NBA’s most successful basketball coach) had assistant coaches.  The Weinstein brothers (perhaps Hollywood’s richest most successful executive producers) work with assistant and co-producers.  Heck, even the President of the United States (perhaps the most powerful person on planet earth) has a cabinet.
Did you ever ask yourself why them and not you?  Imagine if you had incredibly talented executives all around you.  Do you think your odds for achieving success would dramatically increase?  You better not think too hard on this one because, How does YES sound?
Okay, I hear all that noise you have going on in your head so I am going to nip all that in the bud right here, right now!
Here are our…

Top 7 Reasons Why Most Small Business Owners Don’t Let Go

 1.  Your Math For Not Affording Executive Leadership or Guidance Is Fear Based And Therefore Irrelevant 

So you think that you have everything riding on this do you?  You, in your heart of heart’s believe that you have everything to lose.  You tell yourself over and over again how you just can’t take that risk… the life of the business is at stake and the numbers just don’t tell you the reward is worth such risk.  The numbers just don’t add up.  You tell yourself, “I just need this much more in new clients and customers and then I will make that decision”.  Well news flash… you my friend are a small business owner then for a reason!  And, you deserve to be a small business owner quite frankly!  Might it have ever occurred to you that your risk… this one we are talking about right now is tiny when compared to the risks that super successful leaders take?  How many families and lives do you think their decisions affect and effect?  What are the consequences to their firm if they are wrong?  You got it, the stakes are much MUCH higher for them and the lives their everyday decisions affect than yours.  Yes, they will still have money and end up ok in the long run if they are wrong… but guess what… so will YOU!

2. Your Decisions (In General) Are Too Often, Fear Based

Have you ever asked yourself looking back, what decision would I have made if I was less focused on the consequences rather than the act itself?  Projections are necessary and incredibly helpful however, they should only contribute to our decision, not make them!  All too often I find when consulting, coaching a small business owner or leader that fear, fear of the unknown and fear of what if permeating much of the business.  Why haven’t you lowered your costs?  You couldn’t afford to purchase a piece of equipment?  Why?  I will tell you why… because you actually could, you just let fear and the very concept of limitations enter your being.  Something the greatest, most successful small business owners never do!

3. Your Ego Won’t Allow For A More Dynamic, Impressive and Experienced Leader, Co-Leader or Partner

I think you know who you are so let me inch a little closer to you… do you honestly believe you are the only one who can only do it as good as you?…  that you can’t find anyone else with your work ethic, tenacity and commitment?…  no one that will care as much as you?  Oh I see, so you need to be the one with a cape and tights and here to save the day for your loved ones, your staff, your dream?  Well, (my voice slightly raising now) GET OVER YOURSELF.  There are thousands, tens of thousands better, stronger, faster and certainly much better at things you have no business doing!  And if you want to go toe to toe with me on this the… bring it on!

4. You Have No Clue About The Law of Detachment

In Deepak Chopra’s The 7 Spiritual Laws Of Success he explains that one of these seven laws is the Law of Detachment.  The Law of Detachment says that in order to acquire anything in the physical universe, you have to relinquish your attachment to it.  This doesn’t mean that you give up the intention to create your desire.  You don’t give up the intention and you don’t give up the desire.  You give up your attachment to the outcome.  The moment you give up your attachment to the outcome, combining one-pointed intention with detachment at the same time, you will have that which you desire.  So, your search for security (and yes the math you manipulate to convince yourself why not) is all just an illusion!

5. You Have A Blind Spot As Big As Texas 

Did you know you have a blind spot?  Did you know that we all do?  You, me and that person sitting next to you.  So, what really is a blind spot?  To me, it is what you don’t know about what you don’t know.  It didn’t exist till someone actually tells you it does.  And for most if not all, we have been told many many times but we just aren’t LISTENING.
Do you know that joke?  You know the one about the religious man who (during a flood) was first offered evacuation assistance by the police, then the coast guard and then finally a helicopter?  It’s a great example of a blind spot actually.  Each time the religious man declines the help he tells his rescuers that while god told him personally that we going to make it rain, he also told him that he specifically had nothing to worry about and would rescue him.  Well, if you know the joke, the religious man dies and goes to heaven and meets with god whereby the religious man says to god, “I thought you were going to take care of me and save me?”  And, as you would expect, god tells the religious man, “what are you talking about, I sent the police, the coast guard and a helicopter!”  The moral of the story here is that the answer we so often seek in life and in business is usually right there in front of our noses.  For whatever reason, we either are not ready nor able to see or notice it.  Successful business owners and leaders know this… too many small business owners don’t!

6. Your Story Is Only Your Truth, Not Necessarily THE Truth

Enough said.

7. Excuses Excuses

We all have them.  We all use them.  What’s your excuse why your are working 6/7 days a week and are stressed to the max?  You don’t need me to tell you because you already know that the most successful firm owners and leaders are those that have lots of free time and aren’t stressed at all.  Does Richard Branson look stressed to you?  Is he working all the time?  How does he have all that time to go on all those incredible adventures?  If you tell me “well yeah, he is loaded why or how could he care?” I will tell you this… he has more incredible people around him that (he allows) to compose, create and manage… you just never chose to focus on that.  So, where’s your focus and what’s your excuse?

So that’s it.  You dream of being the King or Queen but now realize that you just don’t know how to BE one.  Well then, I suggest you focus more on simply BEING rather than DOING.
Lastly, before you go… tell me what you think the single biggest reason why you choose not to surround yourself with excellence now?  Be careful… I know a blind spot, excuse and fear when I see it!
Stay thirsty my friends…
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