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Lesson #4 in my “Average Sucks! Learning How To Become Remarkable” series.  To begin the series (highly suggested), please click –> Here


I have a confession to make.  If you read Lesson #3 then you learned how to eliminate both bad habits and behaviors that take you off track.  In that lesson, I gave you two, 5 Step methods how.  Well, the truth is, while Lesson # 3 will work for many of you, it will not work for all of you. 

Here, in the short story immediately below, is precisely how it will work for those of you who simply can’t stop, break the bad habit…
A very holy and very wise man was once approached by someone who asked him, “I hear wise man that you have helped many eliminate their bad habits.  As I understand it, everyone you have helped has gone on to become good, righteous, higher level living people.  My sincere hope is that you can also you help me?  You see sir, I smoke too much.  Drink too much.  I am a womanizer.  And, I haven’t always been honorable in business.  I recognize these as bad character traits, poor habits but, my question to your sir is this, how are you going to help me?  So far, no one else has ever been able to help so, how will you?
The wise, holy man said, “I will not make you stop doing any of what you are presently doing.  In fact, you can continue smoking, drinking and behaving in the manner you always have.”
The person seeking to make a change for the better was a bit taken back, “You mean sir that I can continue doing what I am doing, being who I am being?”
The wise, holy man said, “Yes my dear friend that is correct.”
The person seeking help then said, “Well, then how is it that you have helped so many?  How could this advice possibly help me?”
The wise man said, “It is very simple you see, I will teach you many good things that you will be required to practice.  Practice daily in fact.  After some time, you will have added so many good, regular practices and behaviors  that they will become a part of you… and all those bad ones you speak of will just fall off you.”
Ok, now pause… let this settle for a bit.
The fact remains my fellow peaceful warriors, while some of you can simply just eliminate your bad habits and behaviors, too many of us are just not able to.  For those of you it is a process.  An every day battle, inside yourself and outside yourself.  
In fact, the vast amount of research conducted on “bad habit breaking” has revealed rather conclusively just what the wise, holy man explained to the man seeking to be freed of them. People who struggle to eliminate certain bad habits and behaviors seem to achieve wonderful results by focusing on the small, steady steps while sharing in their journey.  Steady steps creating all new and different practices.  Steady steps with the support of fellow sufferers.  Support of fellow sufferers AND support of a lead mentor, coach or guide. 
If YOU just happen to be one of these people, I strongly encourage you to find a coach, a mentor who will work with you every step of the way. 
Listen… you can live the life of your dreams but just as even our greatest leaders do, you likely will need a mentor to help you get there.
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