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Why You Need Us

Why We Exist

Too many of us have limiting beliefs.
Beliefs that limit our capabilities, our possibilities and our outcomes.
Fortunately, we are getting smarter.  Most of us now know that our lives and our businesses become what we believe.  The sights we set for ourselves, our lives and our businesses are limited to simply what we believe is and isn’t possible.
Regretfully, too many of us have been programmed to believe that happiness and success is an either or choice; that you really can’t have one and the other.  But, what too few understand is that if we don’t pour the concrete (and build a solid foundation) before we start building out the house (and make a commitment to our values, our culture, providing greater meaning and purpose), we will lose our direction, our focus and allow for the business to dictate to us.  To dictate to us how to solve its challenges.
If we don’t build a solid foundation and commit to these fundamentals, what happens next is the house begins to succumb to the stress and strain.  Walls, ceilings become weakened.  Cracks start appearing.  Then, more and more problems arise.  We as owners become stressed and unhappy.
Yet, all we really really want is…

 … to have our cake and to eat it too!

We all want to be both successful AND happy.
After all, isn’t one of the greatest responsibilities you have to yourself your own happiness?  If you are not happy then what really is the point of it all… of life?
Ultimately, we need to realize that we need to have an equal commitment to both happiness and success.  And, not only a commitment to both for us, but a commitment to both for all.  The business, the company as a whole.  Everyone and everything in it.
If we do this, if we commit to baking happiness, meaning, purpose in, what happens next is… almost magical.
If we build (or re-build a company) to be committed to these ideals, ideals that are never ever sacrificed or forsaken, then what we have is not only a happier more purposeful place to work but also a more productive one.
Yes, you heard that right… a happy, more productive (and yes more profitable) business.
This NOT a false narrative folks… happiness and success can actually be achieved.  You really can have your cake and eat it too.
So this is our why.  Why we exist.  Why we get up every day.  We live to bake more meaning, purpose, happiness and productivity into your business.  We do so by helping you establish and build a culture.  A culture that defined by its Mission, Vision and Values.  And, one that is not just posted on the wall for all to see but a real culture that is real because it is lived.  Lived in everything they do and how they do it.  A culture that bakes in how they hire, fire, promote, makes key decisions, operate and establishes a way of life for all involved.
So in the spirit of being r-e-a-l… let’s be honest, work and life both matter (not just the bottom line).  Companies who are realizing this seek to align the two.  They create a culture that teaches and lives by respecting and balancing each.
We exist therefore to make your existence matter!  Matter to you, matter to your people, matter to your clients and customers… Matter to your bottom line.

Helping Make Ordinary Business, Extraordinary


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