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Make It Rain New Clients

The moment you deeply understand the rainmaking secret, you will instantly transform your results.

The change you will experience will happen so quickly and naturally, you will only wonder how you missed it for so long.

3 Steps to Instantly Transform Your Results and Make It Rain New Clients

1. Shift ALL of Your Energy

How much of your energy do you need to shift away from yourself to be totally focused on the other person? Watch this video for a new definition and experience of ALL!

2. Clarity in Your Turn

What happens when it is time to shift the conversation from the other person to you? See how to honor your authentic self and convey your intentions with clarity and purpose.

3. Winning the After Party

Congratulations! You’ve had a great first meeting. It’s what you do after the party that makes it rain new clients. Listen and learn the last step to instantly transform your results.

Your Rainmaking Mindset

Why do you do what you do? How well do you know yourself? What's in the way of realizing your dreams? Is fear holding you back? How will you change the channel from your radio station to their radio station - W.I.I.F.M.? You need to be the master of your mindset to realize your personal rainmaking power.

Your Rainmaking Skills

Yes, you'll need a special set of skills to be a Rainmaker. How to work with Gatekeepers. How to set appointments. How to build trust. You'll need to master questioning skills, as well as continuously improve your listening skills. You'll need to transform your presentation skills and effectively handle questions, concerns and conditions. Lastly, of course, you'll need a special set of skills to convert prospects to clients.

Your Rainmaking Strategy

How clear are you on your goals? How clear are you on your message? Who do you need to meet? How will you attract them into your life? You need to develop all of these strategies and more, including managing your time, knowing your numbers and holding yourself accountable, to achieve your lofty goals.

Your Rainmaking Tool Kit

Every potential connection is not a nail, so you won't go far if the only tool in your Rainmaking tool kit is a hammer. How do you introduce yourself when you take the proverbial ride up the elevator? What tools are in your email marketing kit? How do you engage connections on social media. What customer relationship management system (CRM) should you choose? What about your web presence?

What We Do to Make It Rain New Clients for Your Business

Our highly specialized Coaching Programs are designed to make you a Rainmaker. 80% of our work is on your Mindset:

  • Your Thoughts
  • Your Feelings
  • Your Attitudes
  • Your Values
  • Your Goals
  • Your Strategies and
  • Your Self-Image

We also work with you on the 20% – the essential Knowledge and Skills you need to Make It Rain.

What if you really aren’t interested in becoming a Rainmaker for your business …

… but you still need it to rain more clients?

Rainmaker Development

We’ll recruit, train, motivate and manage Rainmakers and your sales process to make it rain new clients for your business.

Fractional Rainmaker

We’ll make it rain new clients for your business as your Fractional Rainmaker Executive.

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